Inspirations For Life

My horoscope nudges me:

“What images would heal and activate my mind?

Full Moon

What scenes would inspire me?”

A full moon,

Its light radiating

From a perfect kiss,

The vibrations

Fusing us together

In a slithery dance

Of mating snakes.

Morning rainbows over the sea.

Morning Rainbow

Blissful faces of the people I love.

Clear splashing rivers with kids and dogs.

Rio Morete

Perfect moments,

To meditate upon now,

To visualize for the future,

To savor in darker times.

My horoscope invited me to visualize five images that would inspire me. The four above inspired the poem. Now I add the fifth. I visualize myself selling my books Free To Bloom. I meditate on it. I savor it. I work at it.


Join me at Books1Sarasota on Main St. for a book-signing with several other local authors on Sept. 20, 2011 from 6 – 8 pm.

I am making a tour of Upstate New York independent book stores at the end of September.

In October I will return to Gainesville for another reading and book signing at Books, Inc. on 13th St. Check here or on my Free To Bloom website.

I’m trying to keep up with this blog and comment on other writers, read Writing  Your Memoir by Hunter that my son lent me on my Kindle, keep up with the latest best-sellers (I’ve got 4 going), attend my weekly writing group, and finish my latest story. Whew!

My challenge for you my faithful readers, is to visualize the five images that would inspire you and let me know what they are. Of course I would appreciate any publicity or suggestions on my book or blog.


Mother’s Day Memories – Gift of Touch


Reconnecting with an old family friend, Mary Bo, after 30 years, my first memory of her mom,  Issie, who was like a mother to me, awakens.

I’m sitting on her lap, the calm exquisite feeling of her brushing and brushing my hair envelops me.

I follow the memory of touch to my sister Judi and I, before our teens, sharing a room, bed and back rubs in France.Playing scratchies was one of our few quiet times together.

This comfort resurfaces with my own daughter Nicole and is reciprocated, not only making us feel good, but easing our pain.

And now I’ve transferred this great habit on to my granddaughter Alyssa who asks for massages before bed.

May this gift of touch continue in all of our lifetimes.

Alleluia for the sensitivity of women. Happy Mother’s Day to all my family and friends!

Free To Bloom update and events:

  • Ebook now available on Smashwords.
  • WSLR 96.5 lpfm Tues. May 10 at 9am – interview
  • Circle Books on St Armands Circle Sun. May 15 11 am – 1 pm – Book Signing
  • Selby Library May 25 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Book Signing and discussion