Mother’s Day Memories – Gift of Touch


Reconnecting with an old family friend, Mary Bo, after 30 years, my first memory of her mom,  Issie, who was like a mother to me, awakens.

I’m sitting on her lap, the calm exquisite feeling of her brushing and brushing my hair envelops me.

I follow the memory of touch to my sister Judi and I, before our teens, sharing a room, bed and back rubs in France.Playing scratchies was one of our few quiet times together.

This comfort resurfaces with my own daughter Nicole and is reciprocated, not only making us feel good, but easing our pain.

And now I’ve transferred this great habit on to my granddaughter Alyssa who asks for massages before bed.

May this gift of touch continue in all of our lifetimes.

Alleluia for the sensitivity of women. Happy Mother’s Day to all my family and friends!

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