Solar in Florida

I’m excited. Florida is finally a first. Really Gainesville. My son’s town. It is the first city in No. America to put into place, through the city-owned power plant, a feed-in tariff. Anyone can produce energy from renewable sources (mostly solar in Florida) and make a profit by selling it back to the power company. They would be paid a premium for doing so.
Our very own Fl. senator from Sarasota, and my neighbor, Keith Fitzgerald is co-authoring this bi-partisan bill with P. Kreegel to make it statewide. This would be a great step in the direction of achieving the goal Gov. Crist has made of getting 20% of our energy from renewable sources by 2020.
This will only raise bills a few cents, and depending on the amount of solar energy produced, it can become a profitable business. One man, according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, can make $14K with 100 solar panels.
Hey California watch out. Florida might sneak on past you on energy saving issues. I’d love some feedback on feed-in tariffs.

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5 thoughts on “Solar in Florida”

  1. Gainesville’s already “sold out” their available allotment in less than a couple weeks — they had it capped to make sure they don’t go over budget at $3-4 million.

    Amazing. Now there will be a two year waiting list but if you get on the list within those two years you get their charter payback rates which will be higher than normal.

    Good find, Mom!

    Love, Ray

  2. Today, again in Sarasota Herald,, The Gulf Coast Comm. Fdtn of Venice, announced plans to develop “the largest solar energy project in the country. It’s similar to the Gville plan. Yeah for us.

  3. The first rain in 3 months in Uvita Costa Rica did not diminish production of solar power. The rain fell at nite and the clouds moved away by 7am.

  4. Just read about this in an article in the paper. It sounds like there is a big fight between the “feed-ins” and the choice of going with large solar energy companies from other states. The local, small scale, individual feed-ins sound like the best choice, but the large corps. have a huge lobby. I hope Sarasota County, or Venice city makes the right choice. Anybody know of any local “grass-roots” movements to push for the feed-ins??

  5. You can get in touch with Keith Fitzgerald, my friend and neighbor, Who co sponsored the bill in the legislature. He lives in my neighborhood. He would love to hear from people about this issue. Thanks for comment.

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