Flying Dreams

Finally, I’ve had a fully fantastic flying dream. It’s been a long time. Dreaming is my other reality and a very important part of my life that just ain’t happening much these days. And flying – I’ve only had a smattering of those since my youth. Friday night we were camping at Rocky Ford on the Myakka River, FL. I was watching a bright moon pass over as I finally fell asleep.

Then my mother, my son Ray and I were puttering in the kitchen of an old Florida house, wide veranda and open doors drawing in the breeze. I noticed a strange shudder ripple the water in the sink. A quake? I looked out at a massing black funnel cloud barreling towards us, drawn by huge gusts of wind. Leaves, branches, soon, up-rooted trees flew by. The house rattled, banged, shook loose from its moorings (I know – Just like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz.) and started spinning up through the air.
I grabbed mom’s hand and yelled at Ray to grab the other. As the house started dipping and diving towards earth, I saw a man standing, staring up at us, hand like an antenna raised high, fingers wide. As we slid down and off the veranda, the man reached out, until our fingers touched, hands linking, and pulled us back to earth like errant floating balloons. A fearless exhilarating energy infused us all in the moment.

Welcome back you crazy dreams. I’ve missed you.

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Jill Green

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2 thoughts on “Flying Dreams”

  1. Sounds like a beautiful dream! Really neat to be in one of yours, esp. with Grandma Green.

    I still have many of those sort of dreams — the other night I had a dream I was back in the days of Ancient China and I was an archer, resplendent in colorful Chinese armor. We were invading some temple and I had orders to take out a powerful person that would be looking through a peephole out of a large, ornate gold door. I distinctly remember seeing the door across the courtyard and drew an arrow on my bow to fire it and then I woke up! Coincidentally, my ears were ringing very loudly and I was a little worried of an meniere’s attack but that’s all it was, fortunately.

    Love, Ray

  2. Your dream is as amazing as mine and more colorful. Don’t we have good ones. My dream life is just another reality and very important to me. You too? We come from good creative genes.

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