I’m Back

Looks like one of those Costa Rican bugs has bitten me again – some internal one. Will have the tests back next week. I’m finally feeling good enough to drag myself off the couch and aah! that fresh Florida February air feels fabulous. Should have a story posted next week. In the next few days will give you some background material. Don’t give up.

How do you like my background? It’s called the Whale’s Tail – a part of the Costa Rican Pacific coastline that I see from my balcony everyday. I’m so lucky!

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Jill Green

I’m a lazy writer trying to get tech savvy. I’ve blurted into blogging to get some of my thoughts, cravings, interests, writings out into the web world. I live in Costa Rica and Florida. Most of my somewhat autobiographical writings are about those places. If you’re interested check in.

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  1. Good to see you back at ’em, Moms.

    BTW, I tweaked your blog settings to make it work better at notifying your Facebook account when there’s a new post. Should be working now.

    Love youse,

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