Are You Somebody?

After reading Nuala O”Faolain’s memoir Are You Somebody? I shed a few tears:

  • for the  pain and the beauty in this little treasure of a book I found at Goodwill.
  • for how it relates to me (we’re so egotistical aren’t we) and all women.
  • for the memory of my mother, whose birthday is today.
  • for my close friend’s mother’s dying, her funeral being today.
  • for my ill health. My stomach hurts from some undiagnosed what?
  • for my inability to settle my unruly thoughts, sort through them into a coherent view of my life and its relationships.

She tells her story with such honesty, power and frankness from a horrendous Irish childhood into her 50’s as she begins to deal with aging.  This American edition includes her Afterwords – the letters and stories she received. She just needed to tell her story having no idea that the instant best seller it became meant so much to so many people, especially women.

I was ready to write to her too, but found I was too late. She died late in 2008. I’ll write here instead. Hope to be posting some short stories soon.

And I thought I was going to write something funny and smart. Next time.  I’ll be back to my old optimistic self tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Somebody?”

  1. Hey Jill, It’s exciting to see you in print. I’ve always known you would some day become a published writer. That is why I’ve saved many of your letters and cards you’ve sent me over the years. You are welcome to have them back to add to your writing collection.
    Well-that is, if I can find them in my mess of life.

  2. Jill,

    thanks for your note on my blog — if you already picked up the book at SN&B, cool — hope you enjoy it! i do appreciate your interest and your kind words.

    i really like your blog layout — very cool. with the photo in background.
    i’m a big fan of are you somebody and her other book too. did you read Almost There? was very good too.
    have a great trip to Costa Rica!

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