Yeas and Nays of Facebook

Olden Days

Just got a message on Facebook from a long lost close friend of the family that I haven’t seen since she was a little girl.  Looking at the photos on her profile page brought back some wonderful old memories, tears to my eyes and a promise to reconnect.. I’ve found many old classmates, friends and family members through Facebook that I otherwise would probably never hear from again. I can see how quickly everyone’s getting old in the photo albums, babies and elders alike. Just like the trees I planted around my house a few years ago, they are already giants needing to be trimmed off the roof.

On the other hand a computer challenged friend called me from afar:

  • Hi Jill, are you okay?
  • Hi, I’m fine. Why?
  • Well my son told me about a Facebook message he got from you that had me worried.
  • I didn’t send him a message. What’d it say?
  • It said, ‘I’m currently making some changes in my life. If you don’t hear from me you might be one of them.’ Are you getting married or something? Did we hurt your feelings? Are you divorcing us?
  • LOL. OMG, I do remember seeing that comment by a smart-ass friend of mine, laughing, and hitting the “like” button.

I’ve been feeling pretty computer savvy, but something like this knocks me back down a few notches. I didn’t know that hitting the “like” button would broadcast that saying as mine. First it pisses me off, especially when I try to delete it and I can’t figure out how. Then it scares me. I thought I’d punched all the buttons to make my site safe from all kinds of predators. I don’t play those games or join causes that, when you sign up, say you must give permission to divulge all your basic personal information including your email address, but I obviously don’t know enough.Of course I rely on my techie son for the difficult stuff, but I’m not going to bother him for this piddly thing.

I bother him anyway. He says my email address is available to everyone on Facebook. He’s on it, so I guess he doesn’t mind. But he also says that any good hacker can get almost anything they want from social websites, hard drives, or anywhere. In fact anything I delete from my computer is really not gone. Shit.

But here I am, still rambling on my blog for anyone to read and wishing more people would. Life is such a contradiction. Next I must get another website to sell my book that’s almost done. The writing’s hard enough, but the PR’s going to be much worse. I’ve never been a sales person and then to have to do it on line is not something I’m looking forward to. I have little discipline and get bored easily. I like to call myself a Sagittarian Renaissance woman. In business world terms, a Generalist. Hooray for Specialists to fill in the gaps.

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5 thoughts on “Yeas and Nays of Facebook”

  1. hey JILL… I love it… especially getting in touch with old friends…

    BUT::: you know i was just looking at Fb and thinking… this is like returning to high school this Fb stuff… … if your friends do not send you lil notes you can feel left out or unloved and or unpopular or whatever…. and then people have their little inside jokes and so forth…. or you offend someone you love by failing to comment on their post or send them adequate comments etc. —-

    sometimes i think i will delete the whole thing…

    Anwyay, good luck with the book….
    Take care, Love jenny

  2. Jill. Facebook can be complicated, but it is so much
    fun to keep in touch with people and watch their activities, family pictures, happenings etc.

    What is your book going to be about? Look forward to
    reading more. Peace and love. SS

  3. Jill. Great – thanks for the translation. i was afraid to hit like but there it goes to show you – you were not!!
    Ilove your blog site. like Terry says: keep it comin’

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