Free to Bloom Free on Kindle latest Statistics

It’s my first day that Free to Bloom is FREE on Amazon Kindle. I’m monitoring the statistics and my progress. I really had no expectations on the low end, but I also had read Cheryl Tardif’s book How I made $42K in 1 mo. on Kindle Select about all the money she made and had twinges of possible sales. That remains to be seen, but I’m thrilled so far.

Here are the first statistics:

  1. 150 books ordered free.
  2. #1607 Free in Kindle Store.
  3. #1 in Kindle Store Travel Adventure

Wow. Better than I ever expected. Now I’m monitoring more … Read more...

50th Class Reunion Made Me Do It – Generate My Bucket List

















My Venice High class of ’61 just celebrated  its 50th class reunion. Amazing! A few interesting statistics:

  1. There were 119 graduates. First class over 100.
  2. 13 have died. Not bad.
  3. 7 are missing. Not bad.
  4. 33 have been married once for 30-50 years. Wow. That’s got to be a record. Hope they’re happy.
  5. 9 are divorced now. Hope they’re happy.
  6. 6 are widows. No widowers.
  7. 40 classmates attended. Not counting mates. One third.
  8. 35 classmates still live in the area.

Everyone in attendance was …