Beginning my 7th Decade


Journal – Beginning the 70’s Decade

Divine Peace

In this little journal hidden under a neglect of papers, books, illness, I now record the month journey through my physical degradation; a corner stone of my seventh decade. Looking back on my latest entry from December 7th, my birthday, I found such peace in the solitude and beauty of my totem place – the deep pools of the Morete R. in Costa Rica. Maybe it gave me strength to bear the ordeal yet to come.


Howler Monkey


Dec. 7, 2012  – Divine Peace

River sun turns water aqua clear through the trees.

I breathe in green purity, exhale loneliness.

I feel peaceful solitude in this place of love.

Here with the howlers.

The perilous journey over wet rocks to visit them

Gives me back the balance and rhythm I’ve lacked.

Bringing yoga from my practice to my life.

What better place to tarry, meditate, play.

There is nothing better to do.


Next time: Knocked Flat – The illness that gave me a legitimate writing block. Glad to be back!