Dogs, Dogs, Dogs


Yes, three dogs lost in three months.

  • First it was Matu on Xmas Eve – a quick growing cancer. I was having a crappy holiday to start with.pa0502022-150x150-5952209





  • Then Buck did himself in. Those damn black labs are the biggest chow hounds they lose all sense of reason. Ate a content-filled plastic bag that got stuck and damaged his organs beyond repair.pc010216-150x150-2237278




  • My damn burst on the last one, Foxy, who was run down on the road and flung over the cliff. 







  • The news was too much, especially when added to the recent  loss of other friends of the human kind. I cried. I grieved. 
  • I’d been putting off editing my story “Puppy Love” for the last month to post on my blog Such a procrastinator. I worked through my grief and got it posted.
  • I offer it as a memorial to these wonderful friends – both dog and human.