My Son Ray – The Spark of Life Behind “Free To Bloom”

My son Ray, Alyssa and Nicki

I would like to honor and thank my son Ray, my computer guru and major spark of life behind the publishing of my first book Free to Bloom. Without his constant help it would never have happened. He even was willing to take control of my computer and fix things from afar. “Mom, just keep your hands off the keyboard.” Then I’d watch the little cursor fly around the screen seeking, clicking and fixing in nano seconds. “Ok, mom, all fixed,’ he texts.

And it’s not like he has a lot of time to spare. He has more or less recovered from a debilitating reoccurrence of Meniere’s disease in which he was bed ridden much of the time. He changed his life by following a controversial, but very successful health program for him. He brought his business as CEO of Gator Country Multimedia back to life, changed his diet and lost 100 lbs., meditates several times a day, and takes time almost everyday to walk alone in the woods for balance and perspective, and still finds time to be a wonderful father to Alyssa and great husband to Nicki.

I’ve always said that he’s the best adjusted member of our family, even though on top of everything else he was born profoundly deaf and grew up with all the challenges that entailed.

Ray, I honor you, love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the “spark of my life”.

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