Hello world!

Gotta start somewhere. I’m sending this out to my meager email list. If you access my blog please reply and tell all your friends. I am also on Facebook. My son Ray is helping me get started. My blog name is CostaJill.com or do you already know that? I’m interested in learning how this whole internet writing world works. I understand that works on paper are almost obsolete. I’ll be posting my thoughts and writings – political, personal, whatever is entertaining or interesting at the moment. Hope you join in. Got any questions, hints, suggestions? Let me know. Hello world. Jill

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Jill Green

I’m a lazy writer trying to get tech savvy. I’ve blurted into blogging to get some of my thoughts, cravings, interests, writings out into the web world. I live in Costa Rica and Florida. Most of my somewhat autobiographical writings are about those places. If you’re interested check in.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Thanks Ray, there’re so many options. slowly, slowly. The home page of costajill.com is really different from the wordpress one. When I change one will the other change? Let me know when I can send this whole mess out to friends. It’s cold. got a fire going.

  2. I closed off the other one so folks can come here and use this one, so no worries.

    I changed your theme to a different one since the original was boring. Let me know what you’d like in a theme and I’ll find a nice one!

    Let me know if you like this new one better – has Costa Rica in the background!


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