Costa Rican Refresco Recipes from Florida

Dragged myself away from my cave and computer to glorious weather. Started watering thirsty plants and you know how one thing leads to another in the garden.

  • My mulberry tree is loaded with fruit. A couple of ripe little black jewels peeked out at me and popped right into my mouth. Yup, it is my favorite fruit; hairs, stem and all.
  •  The bougainvillea I just planted next to the walled garden has looked so dead. At close inspection, it’s covered with tiny buds. The way time is passing it’ll be climbing the wall with the others in no time.
  • While

Hello world!

Gotta start somewhere. I’m sending this out to my meager email list. If you access my blog please reply and tell all your friends. I am also on Facebook. My son Ray is helping me get started. My blog name is or do you already know that? I’m interested in learning how this whole internet writing world works. I understand that works on paper are almost obsolete. I’ll be posting my thoughts and writings – political, personal, whatever is entertaining or interesting at the moment. Hope you join in. Got any questions, hints, suggestions? Let me know. Hello world. … Read more...