Cash for Clunkers?

Reading the newspaper (yeah I know it’s not current, but it’s what I do with my coffee.) I see that congress is going to vote more money to the Cash for Clunkers program – photo of car being smashed flat. Why am I paying for consumers and dealers to buy and sell new cars (albeit gas savers) while all that good metal and other material is disposed of and/or recycled. Neither is better than fixing up the old including retooling the engine so it’s more fuel efficient. This is like tearing down a perfectly serviceable historic building and putting a new sucky one in its place (example: Old Sarasota train station), or putting nothing in its place because the big rich developer went bankrupt or ran out of money (example: Sarasota Quay).

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2 thoughts on “Cash for Clunkers?”

  1. Those clunker Jeep Cherokees will find their way to Costa Rica.. I just bought a clunker, a 97 Forerunner with power everything. Automatic too. Looks good high milage but cheap. Like a peice of candy, low cost, instant gratification.

  2. Hey Bob,
    You bought one a them good cars – just one year older than mine and automatic. Must be your CA car. I still think of mine as ‘new’. It doesn’t make sense to crunch such beautiful clunkers. Sure third world countries agree with me. Love, Jill

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