Hippie Days – Of Haircuts and Bug Bites

Beaver Dam Reservoir
Beaver Dam Reservoir

After breakfast we go back into town for supplies, a little sightseeing and a post office run. Eureka Springs is one of our General Delivery locations for dropping off and picking up info on our traveling companions’ whereabouts. On our winding way in we pass an orange VW. It’s Herb and Trudy. I wave them over, “Good timing! You two, in person are way better than General Delivery.” We learn that they’ve camped just a few miles from us on a secluded bluff. We follow them to the spot and  Terry, Barb and Kathy are already thereRead more...

Hippies Days – July 2, 1974 – Eureka Springs

Lake Norfork Ferry HendersonJesus! Are we ever glad to get out of the Camp Comfort. Glad but still cranky from lack of sleep. Seeing another ferryboat ahead is serendipitous. Traffic’s backed up more than a mile, but the kids forget all about their impatience and bad humor driving on to the ferry, crossing the lovely Lake Norfolk and into the mountains. We Florida flatlanders are excited to be driving winding roads into the mountains. By afternoon we enter quaint picturesque Eureka Springs on the narrowest and most tortuous road. “It’s like a rollercoaster!” yells Scooter, too excited to be carsick.

“Let’s do it …