Life and Deaf – Chapter 12 – The First Day


I did research through the mail and going to the library – there was no such thing as internet – to find the best auditory/oral education for our son, mapped out a route and set a timetable for our exploratory trip. As we traveled we would meet up with my brother and Barb, and another couple of friends, Trudy and Herb, at specified locations around the United States. In between we’d visit with many friends made through the years of college and military life. Since there were no cell phones or email we had to rely on the US Mail … Read more...

Life and Deaf – Chap. 11 – Leaning Toward Hippie Daze

So why, where, when and how did we get from Florida to Colorado? I began living as an armchair hippie somewhere between the late 60’s and the early 70’s as we followed a more traditional route of our conservative past: bearing two children, buying a ranch style house for $20,000 including a beach access, in a sweet young neighborhood half a block from the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Halifax River on the other in, Ormond Beach. We watered our salt-saturated yard, strolled the babies, hung out on the lawn after work with the neighbors, babysat for each … Read more...

Life and Deaf – Chapter 10 – From the Horse’s Mouth

Having got bogged down on my blog again, I start reflecting on why it’s been so hard to sit down and write this memoir. A light bulb goes off. It’s not just mine, it’s my son’s. Where’s his side of the story? I dash off an email to him.

“Dear Ray, As I struggle along with my/your memoir I realize I’m missing the most important part. You. Your memories. I have an idea. How about writing sections from your point of view and perspective. Some are already written. We could combine, read and critique each other.

I’m reading Salman Rushdie’s …

Life and Deaf – Fighting the System – Chapter 8

I found some inconsistencies in my last two blog posts, so I’ve made a few minor changes. Chapter 8 becomes Fighting the System and Chapter 9 becomes Old Movies. Hope this is not too confusing.

Scooter lived on a different time schedule than normal humans right from the beginning, fighting sleep in the evening and awakening in the morning. It was always a struggle getting him to pre-school on time. Sonny was accepting of the differences and struggles involved in having a handicapped child, actually still a baby in Scooter’s case, in school. After she left the new teacher was … Read more...

Life and Deaf – Chapter 9 – Old Movies

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Back to Life and Deaf.

A memory pops into my mind, so clearly, of Scooter showing his spirit while hoding his teacher, Sunny Bates’ hand in the parking lot of Marineland. He’s stamping his little foot, shaking his head no, next to the old Dodge station wagon we bought from Grandma and Gaga Patterson. He doesn’t want to go home and … Read more...

Knocked Flat – OMG Another Elder Hospital Story

OMG I’ve become an elder and am telling a dread hospital story.

My six month chronic cough is intensifying to the point of doctor visits, both M.D. and holistic, drugs, natural remedies, X-rays to fight the pneumonia with which I’m finally diagnosed. My quick Christmas trip to Florida is extended by an onslaught of a new virulent strain of Australian stomach bacteria attacking my weakened body. It knocks me flat two days before my intended return to Costa Rica. My stomach churns, cramps, stabs and explodes. I induce my brother to drive me to the doctor. He takes one look … Read more...

Beginning my 7th Decade


Journal – Beginning the 70’s Decade

In this little journal hidden under a neglect of papers, books, illness, I now record the month journey through my physical degradation; a corner stone of my seventh decade. Looking back on my latest entry from December 7th, my birthday, I found such peace in the solitude and beauty of my totem place – the deep pools of the Morete R. in Costa Rica. Maybe it gave me strength to bear the ordeal yet to come.



Dec. 7, 2012  – Divine Peace

River sun turns water aqua clear through …