Hippies Days – July 2, 1974 – Eureka Springs

Lake Norfork Ferry HendersonJesus! Are we ever glad to get out of the Camp Comfort. Glad but still cranky from lack of sleep. Seeing another ferryboat ahead is serendipitous. Traffic’s backed up more than a mile, but the kids forget all about their impatience and bad humor driving on to the ferry, crossing the lovely Lake Norfolk and into the mountains. We Florida flatlanders are excited to be driving winding roads into the mountains. By afternoon we enter quaint picturesque Eureka Springs on the narrowest and most tortuous road. “It’s like a rollercoaster!” yells Scooter, too excited to be carsick.

“Let’s do it …

Hippie Days – NO MOSQUITOES In The Ozarks

PICT0010 2From Tennessee we head toward the Ozarks and our proposed rendezvous with the crew. We reach the legendary Mississippi River on a smaller backroad to find the bridge washed out, the ferry to replace it inoperable and the children terribly disappointed. I try the “pioneer family” excuse. “We’re on an adventure and we never know what we’ll discover,” as we retrace our steps. Not far ahead the kids see the ferry and their spirits return. Though the crossing is neither mighty nor majestic, just muddy, the Mississippi still possesses powerful magic aboard our rickety little ferry.

We climb into the …

Life and Deaf – Old College Friends

Time for friends and family to part again. Our family is moving on to Jackson, TN to see some old college friends. The rest are going to the Ozarks. We hope to meet up with them in Eureka Springs several days hence.

Part of our plan, while covering lots of the United States, is visiting as many old friends feasibly close to our general route. We’d originally had big plans to travel up the Eastern Seaboard as far as New York. Not only did two of my best friends from high school live up there, but some of the best … Read more...

Hippie Days – Life and Deaf – 4th Day

Unfortunately there’s a big discrepancy in our family’s rising times: Nicole’s the early bird, Scooter likes to sleep in until the last possible moment, mom and dad fall somewhere in between. Nicole’s up by 7am and wakes us ready to explore. We notice Herb’s VW van parked next to ours. Terry’s friends must have arrived in the middle of the night. Ray’s jokester personality kicks in. He walks over and knocks hard on the window. Amidst rustling and swearing inside he exclaims gruffly, “Manager. That’ll be $2.00 please.” We can hear them grumbling, “What in the hell is he doing … Read more...

Hippie Days – Life and Deaf – Third Day

We thank Elaine profusely for letting us invade her home, hug the gang good-bye, and set off on the “real” first leg of our journey. All three groups are initially going in different directions, but will gather together again for our first camping experience at Brushy Lake in the Alabama National Forest.

We load our cooler with food for the first time, then stop at a nearby park for lunch and breathe a sigh of relief for the peace and quiet. Terry and Barb gave us a road atlas as a parting gift and we map out our day’s journey.… Read more...

Hippie Days – Life and Deaf – Second Day

 Children’s Diary – June 27 – The Second Day

We went to see Aunt Carole. Then we went to the playground and the junior museum.

The next morning the kids wore blisters on their hands on the monkey bars and other fancy play equipment and loved doing it. Then on to the Children’s Museum and Zoo featuring wild animals in their natural habitat and ending with a ride on an authentic red caboose.

Life and Deaf – The Second Day

Only a ninety mile run is planned for today; just to Chipley, Florida for our first rendezvous with Terry and … Read more...

Children’s Diary – The First Day – June 26, 1974


Children’s Diary – The First Day – June 26, 1974

We said good-bye to Grandma Green and Poppa Green and Grandma Ward and Poppa Ward. They cried. We love them.


We still have several stops before leaving the Sarasota Bradenton area. The rain continues to fall as do the tears. The children have been waiting so long to “go camping” and we aren’t even near that idyllic place. We still have several storage drop-offs and more good-byes. Our belongings are strewn all over the state of Florida and what we can’t store has been sold.

On to Sarasota to …