Dogs, Dogs, Dogs


Yes, three dogs lost in three months.

  • First it was Matu on Xmas Eve – a quick growing cancer. I was having a crappy holiday to start with.pa0502022





  • Then Buck did himself in. Those damn black labs are the biggest chow hounds they lose all sense of reason. Ate a content-filled plastic bag that got stuck and damaged his organs beyond repair.pc010216




  • My damn burst on the last one, Foxy, who was run down on the road and flung over the cliff. 







  • The news was too much, especially when added to the recent  loss of other friends of the human

Slithery creeping age. Live it. Love it.

With the arrival of Medicare, this my 65th year is slithering over me. If I could, I’d lose myself in drink or drugs, but the former gives me migraines and the latter, senility. I’m alternately freaking out by or blithely accepting my certain death, and thanking god (just an expression) there’s no eternity. Just contemplate it. Existing forever. Now that scares the shit out of me. I may not believe in god, but I believe in the instinct for survival. I believe in the spark of life that never goes out as it transfers from one life to another. It’s … Read more...

Solar in Florida

I’m excited. Florida is finally a first. Really Gainesville. My son’s town. It is the first city in No. America to put into place, through the city-owned power plant, a feed-in tariff. Anyone can produce energy from renewable sources (mostly solar in Florida) and make a profit by selling it back to the power company. They would be paid a premium for doing so.
Our very own Fl. senator from Sarasota, and my neighbor, Keith Fitzgerald is co-authoring this bi-partisan bill with P. Kreegel to make it statewide. This would be a great step in the direction of achieving the … Read more...

I’m Back

Looks like one of those Costa Rican bugs has bitten me again – some internal one. Will have the tests back next week. I’m finally feeling good enough to drag myself off the couch and aah! that fresh Florida February air feels fabulous. Should have a story posted next week. In the next few days will give you some background material. Don’t give up.

How do you like my background? It’s called the Whale’s Tail – a part of the Costa Rican Pacific coastline that I see from my balcony everyday. I’m so lucky!… Read more...

Are You Somebody?

After reading Nuala O”Faolain’s memoir Are You Somebody? I shed a few tears:

  • for the  pain and the beauty in this little treasure of a book I found at Goodwill.
  • for how it relates to me (we’re so egotistical aren’t we) and all women.
  • for the memory of my mother, whose birthday is today.
  • for my close friend’s mother’s dying, her funeral being today.
  • for my ill health. My stomach hurts from some undiagnosed what?
  • for my inability to settle my unruly thoughts, sort through them into a coherent view of my life and its relationships.

She tells her story …

Favorite Books/Writers

I’m back to Pat Vaughn’s writing group. Back to editing, critiquing, writing. Of course I never left reading. So here’s a list of some of my favorite books/writers from mostly the present in no particular order. 

  • Barbara Kingsolver – Poisonwood Bible
  • Shirley Hazzard – Transit of Venus
  • Mary Gaitskill – Veronica
  • Jeanette Winterson – The Passion
  • Jonathan Franzen – The Corrections
  • Michael Pollen – The Botany of Desire
  • Elizabeth Berg – Pull of the Moon
  • Don DeLillo – The Body Artist 
  • Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Marilyn Robinson – Housekeeping
  • Nuala O’Faolain – I Dream of You

Try them


Hello world!

Gotta start somewhere. I’m sending this out to my meager email list. If you access my blog please reply and tell all your friends. I am also on Facebook. My son Ray is helping me get started. My blog name is or do you already know that? I’m interested in learning how this whole internet writing world works. I understand that works on paper are almost obsolete. I’ll be posting my thoughts and writings – political, personal, whatever is entertaining or interesting at the moment. Hope you join in. Got any questions, hints, suggestions? Let me know. Hello world. … Read more...