New Plans from Jill

First thanks to my son Ray (Scoot) for being enthusiastic about my dipping into the waters of the social web world and teaching me to swim. So far I’m just floating. A start. My interests:

  • Politics – love being left
  • writing – creative and otherwise – trying to wean myself from the paper journal (except for secret things)
  • life and times in Costa Rica – live there half the year

If you have any interest in me and my stuff tune in.… Read more...

Hello world!

Gotta start somewhere. I’m sending this out to my meager email list. If you access my blog please reply and tell all your friends. I am also on Facebook. My son Ray is helping me get started. My blog name is or do you already know that? I’m interested in learning how this whole internet writing world works. I understand that works on paper are almost obsolete. I’ll be posting my thoughts and writings – political, personal, whatever is entertaining or interesting at the moment. Hope you join in. Got any questions, hints, suggestions? Let me know. Hello world. … Read more...